Temp Staffing/Manpower Service

Temp Staffing  / Manpower Services

  •  We provide Temp Staffing Services for all industry with a minimum head count requirement of 50 and above labours / employees..
  • The idea of having employees routed thru us , makes an employer stress free for those set of employees as we take care of their end to end compliances and employment related activities.
  • We guarantee all statutory payments well within the due date to all our employees deputed at clients place and provide proof of compliance of payments made every month.
  • We are registered under PF, ESI, PT , LWF and have obtained Contract Licence too whereever applicable.
  • We have a dedicated team to take care on compliance & other related thing of such work.
  • We obtain Employee Compensation Policy for employees not covered under ESI or who fall in non implemented area to ensure 100% social security to all the employees employed by us.
  • We provide minimum wages to all our employees and also all the salary cum other payments are made to employees thru bank  / electronic transfer only.
  • Our team would be present during any labour or other department audits at Principal Employer premises which calls for inspection of our (contractor) compliance.