LWF Fund



The Labour Welfare Fund (LWF) Act

  • Identifying the right date of LWF applicability to an establishment.
  • Post identifying the date of applicability, suggesting the way forward in terms of the process followed towards registration, identifying past contribution (if any), setting up timelines with HR and our team to ensure smooth and effective compliance on a monthly basis.
  • Ensuring the LWF contribution are worked out correctly and ensuring the salary process happens smoothly with much ease.
  • Generation of LWF Challans for HO, Branch Offices and providing the same to the accounts team to ensure payments within the due date.
  • Attending LWF Inspections / Assessment’s, notices and guiding employers on precautions to be taken during such assessment and drafting replies wherever required.
  • Keeping the HR’s and Clients updated on any new amendments / circulars / notifications pertaining to the Act.
  • Assisting employers during closures, mergers, amalgamations, union issues which has an impact of employees LWF.